Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ken Atkins & The Honky Tonk Kind - Everybody's Movin' On

Ken Atkins - singer, telecaster 
Tom Trombley - drums 
Toe Benoit - bass, backing vocals 
Swampy Davis - harmonica 
Susie MacKay - accordion 
Kevin Packard - mandolin, piano, accordion 

Ken Atkins & The Honky Tonk Kind’s latest LP ‘Everybody's Movin' On’ makes me want to get a string tie, ten gallon hat and two step under the light of the moon all night. Honky Tonk twanged out to perfection with telecaster, accordion, mandolin, harmonica and Ken’s countrified croon, the nine originals and one Buck Owens cover are seeped deep in Honky Tonk but with songwriting authenticity on all the songs. Two stand outs for me are the nourish/western instrumental ‘Concordia’ and the dark ‘Treason’ adding depth to the album and providing a brief barstool rest from my two stepping.
"I would definitely say I've had quite a few of the experiences associated with honky tonk music," Atkins laughs. "Honky tonk draws from life, and (often) from the perspective of a barstool. It's real music, and we honor that, but it's also true we poke a bit of fun at the various aspects of the honky tonk lifestyle. We like to say we make heartbreak fun."
Atkins started listening to the syndicated "Nashville Gold" radio program. "I started to get infatuated with honky tonk. That stuff sinks in and starts to work on you," he says.
When the Derailers and Watson began to actually appear on college radio in the '90s, Atkins' songwriting underwent the transformation to country. He formed The Honky Tonk Kind and set to work. Before "Everybody's Movin' On," the band released an early self-titled EP and, in 2010, and album called "She's Not Coming Back." They steadily earned a local following along with similar like-minded acts like The Hoolios, The Rivergods, Vince Thompson, The Village Jammers, and Preston Franz and Hellbent & Hearbreakin'.

Hailing from Connecticut the band has signed with Sound Job Austin based in one of the nation's immortal country music towns. The album is available here.

Track List:
1. Everybody's Movin' On
2. My Honky Tonk Ways
3. Concordia
4. Excuse Me
5. A New Pair Of Shoes
6. One More Night
7. No Love There
8. Pick 'n Up
9. Treason
10. Don't Take This The Wrong Way

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