Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ashleigh Flynn - A Million Stars

It’s the middle of the year; so far my top favorite releases this year are dominated by female musicians reclaiming country music (which is a good thing), Bonnie Whitmore, Alynda lee Segarra, Merey Kimbrough, Nikki SueSara Petite and now adding Ashleigh Flynn’s A Million Stars. Featuring great story telling of American pioneering women legends Calamity Jane,  Prohibition Rose, Ma Rainey, Loretta Lynne and Cattle Annie and topical issues of the day, like the beautiful anti-bulling song ‘See That Light’ featuring the incomparable Todd Snider preachifing.
To celebrate Supreme Court rulings in favor of gay rights, the Equal Rights Campaign and in honor of June being Gay Pride month, Ashleigh is offering “See That Light” featuring Todd Snider as a free download to listen to and share with your friends

Ashleigh Flynn "A Million Stars" on her own Home Perm Records, features Todd Snider and many of Portland’s most talented musicians including, Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee-Drizos, Nate Query, John Moen, Annalisa Tornfelt, and the Stolen Sweets singers, among others.

Released May 14th available on CDBaby

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