Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gas Money - Untethered

Fred Stucky, Doug Corrigan, Dan Pell, Isaac Stanford, Jim Callan

Gas Money - Untethered
Sometimes I come to the realization I may be living under a rock, wandering the interwebs for good alt-country music my clicks usually lead to Nashville or Austin, but there’s cowboy boots on cobblestone right here in my lil’ ole hometown of Philly, along with my Philly faves Morning River Band, The Miners, Larabee, and Joe Kille, it seems Fred Stukey and his band Gas Money have been honky tonkin’ it up since 1994!
Their third release ‘Untethered’ harkens back to 50’s whiskey soaked, neon lit Honky Tonk bars, slick steel guitar, mandolins & banjo’s joyously interject themselves like old friends sharing memories of late nights with improvised jam sessions in dark corners on dimly lit stages. The songs are fun and seem to be products of spontaneous reactions of the band just jelling on a Saturday night swapping tall tales and jokes. Originality this band has in spades, tongue in cheek they have mastered to perfection.
"Many things on this recording were done on the spot in the studio. It was very organic you might say. And with that I let go and let people do what they do best. Very rewarding."  - Fred Stucky

Track List: 
1. Shotgun Wedding
2. High Water
3. Coast a While
4. Every Empty Bottle
5. Honky Tonk Truth
6. Untethered
7. Ex Girl Friends
8. Yo Elvis
9. Gig Posters
10. Rockabilly Burnout
11. Rock and Roll

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