Thursday, August 1, 2013

Abstract Artimus Latest Album "My Wild Dreams" Free Download

The newest release from one man rock and roll arsenal Abstract Artimus combines pure rock and roll energy with a dark tribal attitude. The album will be pressed as 12" classic black vinyl with jackets printed on recycled board. Available as a free download or on vinyl.

Order "My Wild Dreams" on 12" Vinyl from Dire Life Records NOW!!!
Track List:
1. My Wild Dreams
2. Signs Of The Weathered Kind
3. Tucuman y Ayacucho
4. Snakes
5. Sweetshine
6. Soothe The Beast
7. Ghosttown
8. Rx Confliction
9. Beast Soothed

Released 01 August 2013
all songs written and produced by Abstract Artimus
mastered by Vinz Clortho at Key Mastering NYC
cover photo by Rachel Rednor

Abstract Artimus is an American music composer and performer from the deep South currently living in Manhattan, New York. He was born Artimus Alexander Pace, June 21st, 1983, in Jacksonville, Florida. At the time of his birth, his father was the drummer for the Jimmie Van Zant Band. After quitting the band, his father moved the family back to his home town of Mobile, Alabama. Much of Artimus's early life consisted of going to his father's rock shows as well as local and national concerts.

As Artimus grew older, he started playing in different bands including his first serious endeavor Fry Cook. After nearly ten years of Fry Cook, the band called it quits in 2006 due to unresolved issues. Artimus then formed the first incarnation of what would become Abstract Artimus. Their first show was as a  supporting act for Gwar. Several successful shows were played and an EP was recorded, but after the other members quit to pursue the family life, Artimus had to devise a new plan. He went on to write and perform as a one man band with random musicians joining him over the years. In 2009, after the release of "God is Mad" he added a backing band and an extensive European and North American
tour followed. Abstract Artimus has toured the US, Canada and Europe both as a one man band and with his backing band which consists of a revolving door of musicians. He is currently touring and writing music at a constant pace. He has released several albums independently and on various independent labels in the U.S. and Europe.

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