Friday, August 16, 2013

The Como Brothers Band - Still Waters

Andrew Como - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Matt Como - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Justin Scheidling - Percussion & Drums
Tim Costello - Keyboards, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
John O’Keefe - Auxiliary Percussion, Vocals

Long Island, NY's, The Como Brothers Band is a five-piece rock band with a big sound, a bodacious big spacious sound, while their latest EP is titled ‘Still Waters’ it is a tsunami sized splash of impressive musical richness.  Soulful vocals from the brothers atop an abundance of smooth percussion and keyboards with catchy riffs and horns.
We have been surrounded by music from a very young age. Our dad and his brothers are all very musical. During family parties throughout our childhood, our uncles would jam in the basement. We loved it when they played together and would join in. This is where we first got a taste of performing.  We even played in a Beatles tribute band with our Dad and Uncle Lawrence while we were in high school.  Growing up on The Beatles courtesy of our Dad definitely contributed to us having a huge appreciation for songwriting and pop sensibility.  My Mom was the one who insisted on us taking music lessons starting with piano when Matt was five and I was three.

Not ones to sit on their laurels they have a 12 song full length ‘Baby Steps’ slated for an October 1st release. Watch the videos for two new songs from Baby Steps, 'Late Nights' and 'Straight Face' below

Still Waters Tracklist:
1. Parachute
2. Bad Karma
3. I Want To
4. Leaving You
5. Can't Be Right

January of 2012 The Como Brothers Band released their first professionally recorded EP entitled “The Speed of Sound.”

They were recently selected from 400 other original bands to open for The Wallflowers through Sonicbids.
It was an amazing experience.  Everyone was really cool to work with and very accommodating.  The best part of the night for me had to be when I chatted with The Wallflowers bass player Greg Richling.  I couldn't believe how down to earth he was right after telling me about stories of his band touring with such acts as Counting Crows, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and The Rolling Stones!  He gave me great heartfelt advice about keeping my eye on the dream and not to look back.  It was really inspiring to me because this was coming from a member of a Grammy Award winning band, and they've all been at it for 20+ years.  I gave him our latest EP Still Waters, but I didn't think to exchange any autographed merch.  We have to get you a t-shirt ASAP!

When Matt was in Kindergarten and Andrew was in pre-school their mom enrolled them in piano lessons. In third grade, Andrew started playing the alto saxophone in the concert band and took private guitar lessons. In high school Andrew played the tenor saxophone in the symphonic band, guitar in the pit orchestra, and guitar for the chorus as an accompanist. In high school Matt played guitar and bass with Andrew in their high school’s talent shows and in local bars. During that time, Matt and Andrew joined their father and their uncle in a Beatles tribute band, playing in local bars across long island. Andrew was George and Matt was John. Soon we started writing songs. We loved playing Beatles music but wanted to play our own music. Once we started writing songs in high school we started to take our music career very seriously. In college, Matt took voice lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, joined a singing ensemble, and of course kept writing songs. In college Andrew is doing the same. 

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