Saturday, April 14, 2012

Popakazooza 2012 Volume 5

We have quite a few ladies repin this month, yeah I said this month, what started as a Fantasy Festival of bands I'd like to see get together in one venue apparently has turned into a monthly excursion into my fantasy world of being a pseudo festival promoter. In my mind this is really happening so indulge me my flights of fancy. Click arrow to play, Click here for the whole shebang or download individually right click save as. Happy listening! Remember, like em, support em, find their portals and show em some lovein'.
If you haven't got em yet get em, Popakazooza Vol 1 - Vol 2 - Vol 3 - Vol 4 bulk download on these archives may be removed soon.

Carolina Chocolate Drops - Country Girl.mp3
Lily & the Parlour Tricks - Poison Song.mp3
The Famous - It's Done.mp3
Stephanie Fagan - You Are The Devil.mp3
The Peeps - Odisea.mp3
John Wilkes Boothe And The Black Toothe - A Spherical Hell.mp3
Mudlow - Saltshells.mp3
Greenland Is Melting - Always.mp3
Vintage Trouble - World's Gonna Have To Take A Turn Around.mp3
The BellBoys - Somethin' In My Mind.mp3
Gun Party - Nothing Like a Sheep to Make You Feel Like a Wolf.mp3
Sara - Wanky Bits.mp3
Sugar & The Hi Lows - See It For Yourself.mp3
Screen Door Porch - Devil's Honey.mp3
Rainbow Girls - Red Rock Town.mp3
Squinch Owl - I Am Always Coming Home.mp3
Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party - Funny Situation.mp3
Two Hats and a Cat - Mother Tree.mp3
Kasey Anderson and The Honkies - Abaddon Blues.mp3
Bill Callahan - Drover.mp3
The Ditty Bops - Wishful Thinking.mp3
Mekons - Geeshie.mp3
Black Water - Arizona (Dharma Version).mp3
Sunflower and the Seeds - Sweet Escape.mp3
Sikamor Rooney - Midnight 2.mp3

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