Saturday, July 21, 2012

New 7" from Brooklyn's She Keeps Bees

Featured way back on Popakazooza Volume 1, She Keeps Bees is another of my favorite two piece guy/girl Brooklyn beat generators.  She Keeps Bees has been steadily gaining steam since Singer-guitarist Jessica Larrabee’s self-released her chilling solo album Minisink Hotel back in 2006, with drummer Andy LaPlant they have been recording their music at home and self releasing soulful gritty rockin’ blues at a pace of one amazing release a year, after year. Their newest is a 7” collaboration featuring cellist Gaspar Claus on both songs and Stephane Milochevitch & Emma Broughton adding harmonies on Blue Moon, recorded in Paris, where they set up a makeshift studio in a small restaurant, late on Halloween night.
The low growl you hear throughout the song isn't electric guitar. It's actually a processed cello, played by the experimental artist Gaspar Claus. "Gaspar added the spectral cello part that swells in and out during the entire track," says Jessica Larrabee. "[He also played] the more conventional arpeggiated line at the end. It was such a pleasure working with him. He is an amazing musician and hilarious person."

You can download 'See Me' from 2011's 'Dig On' LP free from their Soundcloud page:

For your listening pleasure here are all their releases in on handy spot, Listen, Like, Buy

Dig On was recorded by Andy and Jess during November, 2010 in a log home in New York's Catskill Mountains. Mastered by Joe Lambert. Artwork by Jessica Larrabee. recorded at home. mastered at gradwell house studios. pressed down south. label design by rachel sten ( recorded at home. mastered by gradwell house studios and keith reynaud. released 08 August 2008 recorded and mastered at gradwell house studios. only available digitally. released 09 September 2007 recorded at home. newly re-mastered by keith reynaud. no longer available on compact disc. released 01 June 2006

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