Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All Aboard! - Graveyard Train

From the deep mysterious down under, Graveyard Train, a six piece collective mix a Sergio Leone spaghetti western sound with dark spookish themes. Banjos, Dobros, hammers and chains create a foot stompin’ thick ominous broody mood of train-yard campfire storytelling, and haunting visuals that will stick with you long after listening. As frequent readers of this blog will recognize, this is right up my dark alley. ‘Hollow’ released May ’12 picks up where 2010’s ‘The Drink, The Devil and the Dance’ left off, spiriting you away to the places of darkness and woe. If you’re a fan of The Peculiar PretzelmanThe Bailey Hounds and The Imperial Rooster this is a band you will defiantly want to add to your collection.
Free Download ‘I’m Gone’ from ‘Hollow’ With their new album “Hollow” dropping in May the band are proud to present the first single lifted there-from I’m Gone. A rollicking stab of wild west woe and stomping train-yard rhythms, I’m Gone bears all the hallmark Graveyard Train traits. That said, much like the upcoming album, the track also introduces a slightly wider approach than previous Graveyard Train releases. Remaining lyrically preoccupied with all things macabre, “Hollow” manages to capture the infamous live reputation and punchy story telling of the band but the Drums are bit fatter and the guitars and psychedelia turned up just a notch. released 20 March 2012

The Drink, The Devil and the Dance A whole bunch of bearded maniacs are coming to get you this year - brace yourself for all the foot stomping, chain smashing, man-choir, bellowing singalong bluster of Graveyard Train. Vampires, werewolves, mummies and the general macabre are song topics of choice, while old timey instruments like banjo, dobro and washboard help set the scene. Their latest album The Drink The Devil and The Dance received a huge lot of accolades in Australia, album of the week in both Beat Magazine and 3RRR-FM and Album of the year from 3PBS FM. The boys are generally voted Australia’s number 1 Horror Country band which has seen them tour Australia extensively over the last 3 years. Come see what the fuss is about and bring your stomping boots!
released 01 July 2010

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