Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NEW "Wrong Way Street" from The End Men

Brand new song and video from The End Men who just so happen to be in the studio jammin' and mixin' and turning knobs for their follow up release to 'Build It Up' Stay up to date via Facebook and Twitter
Catch them LIVE July 27th at The Trash Bar 256 Grand Street , Brooklyn, New York 11211 with Ghost & Goblin , The Peeps, The Slaugterhouse Chorus, Brother K and We Run 

Declaring our independence from criminals and tyrants once again.

"Wrong Way Street"  (Live, Independence Day, 2012)
Music and lyrics by The End Men

The lies that profit off lives make a killing,
a killing like the kind we've never seen.
We slash our necks on the trading floor,
because a dollar means everything.

We're buying and selling our souls,
all in the name of good credit.
A blind passenger in a seat
traveling full speed
down a wrong way street.

The blood in the sand on our hands
constitues a tragedy.
How many more will we let them sacrifice
in their wars for dirty oil?

Our leaders just sit there and laugh
throwing more logs on the fire.
Drunk driving you and me
only one way
down a wrong way street.

We sit like babies strapped in high chairs
eyes glazed and mouths hanging wide.
We're so full of bullshit we've been spoonfed
to keep up satisfied.

I would never speak for you,
but I'll stand up for me.
I'm sick and tired of all these other people,
driving me only one way
down this wrong way street.

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