Thursday, July 5, 2012

Popakazooza 2012 Vol 7

OK not that anyone noticed, but yeah I missed posting a Popakazooza last month, but I found a lot of really good musicalia on the back roads and unbeaten trails of the web. We have a variety of acts and performers for your listening pleasure, toss back a jug, polish up those work boots and shake it at your shanty. Y'all know the deal by now. Git it here
And ifin' ya find somthin' that tickles yer fancy, googley goo em and support!

Rum Drum Ramblers - Mean Scene.mp3
Chrissi Cochrane - I Won't Try To Break Your Heart.mp3
Rebekah Todd - Gallows.mp3
The Renaldo The Esemble - UP.mp3
Shovels & Rope - Hollowpoint Blues.mp3
Bern & The Brights - Boo.mp3
The Mud Flappers - One Stop Shop (Giggity).mp3
Christopher Paul Stelling - Mourning Train to Memphis.mp3
Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside - I Swear.mp3
Secret Country - Women, Whiskey and Nightlife.mp3
Big Wilson River - Gypsy Song.mp3
Molly Gene and The Ten Foot Polecats - Do I Move You.mp3
Shayfer James - Siren Song.mp3
A. John Hawkins - Eight Legs are Good for Dancing.mp3
Grace Pageant - Bones.mp3
The Wave Pictures - Stay Here And Take Care Of The Chickens.mp3
Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost - Billy Brown.mp3
River City Extension - Welcome To Pittsburgh.mp3
The Dirty Urchins - Hand Me The Crown.mp3
Swamp Cabbage - The Dipstick Rag.mp3

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