Friday, July 6, 2012

Songs for the soul - Dara

The storytellers of life's lessons, trials and tribulation are most often the musicians in our midst who put life into song. It could be the grandfather sitting on the porch with a beat up old guitar or the minstrel traveling the countryside bringing news in song - they bind us to the past and the present and give hope for the future. Dara could be either of those or both.
Strong storytelling with a time worn voice over chords and melody's that on first hearing become as comfortable as an old woman's lap to a young child, and aren't we all just children looking for the comfort of the wise.

The eponymous album Dara is a new collection of songs cut live in a couple of days at Milk Studios with Tom Aitkenhead. It presents Dara on vocals and guitars framing acoustic tunes with electric guitar. It is about mood and emotion and humanity.

Bio: Dara is a singer songwriter whose story telling encompasses tales of heartache, despair and occasionally redemption. With the raw honesty of his songs and delivery, his soulful blend of rock, alt. country and blues calls to mind Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young as influences.A melting pot for the early music he heard, he picked up a guitar in his teens and started writing songs and forming bands. Graduating from an old cassette player to a 4 track and from bedroom jams to the club scene, he released records, which gained acclaim from UK as well as US radio and press. From here he stripped down his music and continued writing and singing his own songs. With a guitar in hand he has built an audience as a solo performer.

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