Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rabble Rousing - The Blind Owl Band

Deep in the forest there are aged trees with roots burrowed deep in the ground and occasionally there are the creeper roots that spread along the ground searching for a place to dig deeper, they bask in the bright new sunshine but draw on the rich nutrients from the roots before them. Sitting on a majestic branch The Blind Owl Band absorbed this mixing of past and present and luckily for us have let out a mighty sound. 

Formed in 2011 by Jersey lads Eric Munley (Mandolin, Vocals), Christian Cardiello (Bass) and Arthur Buezo (Guitar, Vocals), James Ford (Banjo, Vocals) from Connecticut.  They all met up together in the Adirondacks at Paul Smiths College, jamming on cheap instruments and bangin’ on trash cans the chemistry clicked and they were soon honing their craft playing live at local clubs. The result of that is this fantastic debut album ‘Rabble Rousing’ released January 2012, it is apparent that the stars aligned for these young men and we are fortunate for that.

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