Thursday, August 9, 2012

Full Throttle - The Black Cadillacs - Run

The Black Cadillacs are a 6-piece rock & roll band from Knoxville, TN. The Black Cadillacs have a diverse array of influences from classic bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Pink Floyd to more modern bands like My Morning Jacket, The Black Keys, and Jack White. Describing their first album, Patrick Gipson of Blank Newspaper wrote this: All Them Witches’ proves that The Black Cadillacs are in no need of gimmicks. They have found a way to become successful through their simplicity. And in their case, it is the talent that shows up first and lasts the longest.

The Black Cadillacs are: Will Horton (Lead Vocals), Philip Anderson (Bass, Harmonies), Matthew Hyrka (Lead Guitar), John Phillips (Rhythm Guitar), Kevin Hyfantis (Keyboard and Organ) and Adam Bonomo (Drums).

The Black Cadillacs - Choke.mp3
I'm sure you all have those friends, family member's, for the younger set probably an Aunt or Uncle whose radio dial is gorilla glued to the classic rock station, you've tried to have conversations with them about some of the great new music they would like if they listened, and it's like trying to feed mashed peas to a tween. They are unaware that musicians were still getting together after 1982 and making new music. The only new record they've bought would be something by Bruce Springsteen and the only concerts they go to would be the latest 'This Is The Last One Really Reunion Tour'.
Well I think I have found something that you can maneuver into their ears that will get a 'Who is this?' out of them.
These young Knoxville lads have reached into the pantry and opened a can of peaches that smell like pure 70's rock sweat, but are as tasty as a farm fresh bowl of peaches and cream. All the ingredients of the next great Southern Rock band are here. Gritty blues, a dash of succulent soul, and full throttle Rock. The vocals of Will Horton are magnificent, the guitars and drums are powerful and will get you on your feet.
Watch this band, they are on their way up. In my Top 12 of 12 list and not likely to get bumped their second album, “Run”, released under Young Giant Records on June 5th, 2012

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