Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On The Loose - Blackfoot Gypsies

Photo By Brian Doben

Nashville's dynamic duo Matthew Paige - Vocals/Guitar Zack Murphy - Drums AKA Blackfoot Gypsies released their debut album  'On The Loose' and by golly they let it loose! Rock and Roll  marked by hard rock guitar, boogie rhythms with that splash of Southern Comfort groove.

Upcoming Shows:

Wed, 22 Aug Nashville, TN The High Watt

Fri, 14 Sep Tulsa, OK Mercury Lounge

Fri, 21 Sep Nashville, TN The Basement

Tue, 09 Oct Knoxville, TN Preservation Pub

Wed, 17 Oct Atlanta, GA The Drunken Unicorn


  1. I been around music most all my life and I love what I hear here.
    This duo of dudes make great music.
    Glad they've decided to call twang town home.
    We're glad to have you.
    Keep kickin'ass. Something tells me, that's the only thing you can do !!!
    Seriously. This is some damn good music, amigos!


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