Saturday, June 20, 2015

Here's A New #FREEBIE Groovin' Summer Song, Swaai Boys, REF_HS_001 (I Dream of Ganges)

Here's your new groovin' summer song from, NYC's preeminent bazaar-rock band Swaai Boys  "REF_HS_001 (I Dream of Ganges)." A year and a half in the making, the first single from their upcoming LP "Hot Sand."
REF= reference and HS = Hot Sand, which is the name of their forthcoming album
Sonic Explorers & Purveyors of Aural Artifacts members are, Les DeFrance, Cømb Knüt, Djinn Tuareaux

For more hot groovy tunes visit Bandcamp
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD for free, the expanded digital packet of "REF_HS_001_PAK" which inclues the the single, and, we quote, "A Mapp of the Great River Ganges from the ca. 1700 Atlas Maritimus, a catalogue of fish native to the Ganges River, a large format 3-d autostereogram track cover, and more!

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