Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Left Lane Cruiser Rolls Out A Primo Rocker NEW Album Dirty Spliff Blues

After nearly a decade of delivering their own high-octane, scuzzed-up take on North Mississippi rural blues as a duo, Left Lane Cruiser have recently expanded into a threesome for their latest studio album, Dirty Spliff Blues (their fifth for Alive Naturalsound Records). Left Lane Cruiser's Dirty Spliff Blues will be released on limited vinyl, CD and digital formats on June 16th via Alive Naturalsound Records.
Led by founding member Freddy J IV (aka Joe Evans) on vocals and slide guitar, and now joined by Joe Bent on bass and skateboard slide guitar (yes, he uses his skateboard as an instrument) and Pete Dio on drums & assorted other junk.

LCC rolls up a primo rocker on new album, Dirty Spliff Blues is diggity dang doodle, rock n roll for the noodle, Hard token, track after track it keeps on hitting. You don't have to be stoned, but you could easily rectify that.
Kicking out like a shotgun to the face with Tres Borrachos, a deep inhaler with chest-pounding beats, gasping riffs. kick back, Elephant Stomp feeling good, grooving fine  moving mild. spacing in the clouds. yeah baby it's the shake. lay them skins on me. roll another one. time for some Whitebread n' Beans, truckin on, got my mojo, places to go. clap with me baby. everything's fine. got all night.  Tangled Up in Bush getting down, beering up. riding wafts of spiffing riffs. a dose of Heavy Honey feeling lovely, want some sweets,  your twinkies looking good let me stay awhile got the Dirty Spliff Blues slow dancing hold that stash tight rocking hard all around. stems and seeds i'm Cutting Trees rolling hard All Damn Day grooving like lightning, getting down like thunder puff puff pass Skateboard Blues, cruising on high, lighting up the fat one howling at the world dirty spliff blues rocking me away. She Don't Care pass another joint, going out blazing, toking hard holding long she don't care dirty spliff blues gonna stay with me.

album cover by renownedd artist William Stout

Tres Borrachos
Elephant Stomp
Whitebread n' Beans
Tangled Up in Bush
Heavy Honey
Dirty Spliff Blues
Cutting Trees
All Damn Day
Skateboard Blues
She Don't Care

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