Monday, June 1, 2015

Q&A Jesse Cross and The New North Debut EP Mojave

A trio based out of Los Angeles, Jesse Cross and The New North, have just released their debut effort 'Mojave' a collection of really groovy songs that blend psychedelia and folk with aughts experimentalism that features excellent songwriting and musicianship. A nice balance of acoustic for the folky bits and electric that adds weight and atmospherics to the crisp organic back beats, they call it Folk-adelic.
All six songs on this debut are exceptional and leave me wanting more. Certainly a band to watch.
Jesse Cross on vocals, guitar and mandolin, Lauren Vorsteg at bass guitar and Seth Sylvester on percussion and drums.
Available on all music outlets or bandcamp where the band gets more bang for the buck.

Name of the band and how’d you came up with it?
We are “Jesse Cross and The New North” and the name came from the vision of taking our music a new direction sonically.

Who’s in the band?
The band consists of Jesse Cross (Lead vocal, Guitar) Lauren Vorsteg (Bass Guitar) Seth Sylvester (Drums, Percussion)

Where do you live and what’s great about it?
We live in Los Angeles and we love the fact that the city is home to so many great venues and amazing musicians/bands. We have many friends in the music industry living in LA, that we have created our own support group in a sense.

Tell us about your latest release?
Our first and most recent release is titled “Mojave” We are drawn to the desert type vibe and think that its amazing some of the most beautiful things can live and grow in some of the harshest surroundings. Thats what we want this album to be. A desert rose! We have worked on this album for 2 years and can’t wait to release it for everyone to enjoy our work.

How did this project/release come about?
Jesse: It started as a solo project for me and turned into a community effort to make this vision in my head into a reality. We have so many great musicians playing on this album: Andy Fischer-Price, Adam Brooks, Davis Daniel Diaz, Stephan Koch, Shachar Boussani, Jonah McLean and Mathew Degan

What's one thing about you/band that very few people know?
We have “created” a new genre that we like to call “Folk-adelic"

When did you start making music? 
Jesse: I grew up surrounded by music. My father was a musician and my mother was a singer and they always made the arts accessible to my brothers and I. My parents gave me my first guitar when I was 15 and since then I could never see myself doing anything else.
Lauren: I have always had a passion for music. I grew up playing my dad's guitar and my parents gave me my own guitar when I was 17. I just recently picked up the bass and now we are running full force!

Who are some that have/had an influence on you? 
We are definitely influenced by The Beatles, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr. and so many more. We never stop listening to music from EVERY genre

What are some of the challenges, obstacles you've dealt with? 
Making a successful band in LA is definitely a challenge. There are some amazing musicians/bands out here which makes the competition pretty stiff but we love the fire it puts under our ass!

What was the first record you bought? 
Jesse: First record i bought with my own money was a vinyl of "The Jimi Hendrix Experienced - Are you experienced?”
Seth: Presidents of The United States of America - Presidents of The United States of America
Lauren: Jewel - Pieces of you

What was the last record you bought?
Jesse: Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color
Seth: Hiatus Kaiyote - By Fire
Lauren: Band of Skulls - Himalayan

If you could record with any one artist who would it be and why? 
Jesse: Mine would probably be John Mayer. I am a blues player/song writer so i feel we would mesh together greatly. I really dig his style of playing, writing and recording.
Lauren: Grace Potter for sure! She is everything I am pushing to become!

Who are you listening to lately?
Jesse: A little Bit of everything. Always any classic rock, Alabama Shakes, Robert Ellis, Grace Potter, Phish

Vinyl, CD or digital? 

What films have had a lasting impact on you?
Jesse: I am the worst person to ask this question cause i don’t see many movies but some that i love are “Blow” “Muscle Shoals (Documentary)” “Boondocks Saints"

Twizzlers or Slim Jims?
Twizzlers…….do they still make Pull N’ Peel Twizzlers?

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?
Jesse: Being from Baltimore MD I have a love for all seasons but probably summer cause i am a beach bum

Whiskey or Beer?
One of each please!

Favorite road food?
Drink: Coffee
Grub: Chic fil-a

What's next on the horizon?
Time to take it live! Possibly in New York City/East Coast in the fall. We want to book a west coast tour after the EP is released.

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