Wednesday, June 3, 2015

John Mancini Band - NEW EP Medicine Show

John Mancini Band puts the ooth in smooth, Medicine Show is beautifully melodic and hypnotizing jazz flavored folk-rock with stripped down arrangements which were performed primarily on acoustic guitar with minimal accompaniment of upright bass, mandolin, and slide.

John started writing and singing songs when he was working as a house painter in Crested Butte, Colorado. He originally thought this may have had something to do with a lower concentration of oxygen at such high altitude, but then he found he was able to continue writing and playing even while living at sea level, which he did in Southern Mississippi. He picked up a thing or two from the songwriters he met down there and began recording demos of his own songs. When he moved back to his hometown of Baltimore, MD, and started his own band, he had so many songs written he figured he'd just name the band after himself. They were known around town as JMB, recorded two full-length albums and toured up and down the east coast from New York to Virginia. Eventually heeding the familiar call of the road west, John picked up roots and moved to Los Angeles, reconnected with old friends and started new collaborations. The album Medicine Show is the first result of those efforts. Its songs reflect a desire for change and an understanding of loss, themes that have always resonated in John’s music, which aims to achieve a melodic balance of image, story and message.
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Stream Medicine Show - EP by John Mancini Band
1. Shadow of a Dream (03:54)
2. Let It Slide (04:04)
3. Medicine Show (03:23)
4. Easy Chair (02:46)
5. Don't Let the Sun (02:50)

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