Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Dirty Bourbon River Show 'The Most Peculiar Thing'

New Orleans Gypsy Folk Circus Rock

Noah Adams - Growl, Chordophones
(Jan 2009-Present)
Dane "Bootsy" Schindler - Drums & Percussion
(Jan 2009-Present)
Big Charlie Skinner - Opera, Ringmaster
(March 2009-Present)
Jimmy Williams - Basses and Tubamaphones
(September 2009-Present)
Matt Thomas - Tenor & Bari Saxophone, Clarinet
(May 2011-Present)

Time sensitive info:
The Dirty Bourbon River Show new album 'The Most Peculiar Thing' drops this Friday 12/21/12 exclusively on and in person. It will be free for 24 hrs only on Bandcamp and at the CD Release Party at the Blue Nile ~ Show starts at 11pm

“A circus-like barrage of sound serving as entrance music for a magical mystery tour of whiskey-soaked French Quarter back alleys,” – Rory Callais, Offbeat

“Genetically theatrical… appetite-whetting… a snow-globe carnival segueing seamlessly from kazoo- and clarinet-blown circus shenanigans to smooth-croon lounge, and finely fingered folk ballads to banjo hoedowns, jazzy sax solos and staccato piano jams” – Noah Bonaparte-Pais, Gambit Weekly

“Riotous… racuous… swashbuckling sea chanteys, paranoid polkas, and carnival jazz, often in the same song… now that’s my kind of party!” – Aaron Lafont, Groovescapes
The Dirty Bourbon River Show has released 5 studio albums to date, and has 2 more in the works.

7th record – Volume Four – is currently in the songwriting phase, and is slated for a spring/summer 2013 release date.
6th record – The Most Peculiar Thing – is currently in the mixing stage, and is slated for a Fall/Winter 2012 release date.
5th record – Volume Three – was released on 3/30/12 and is currently available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

The Old-Timey AfroPop Jibberish Junction – was released on 11/11/11 and can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

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