Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Psychotomimetic Sounds Of Los Tentakills

Al Hotchkiss ~ Guitars / Vox / Organ / Songs
Grant Canyon ~ Guitars / Vox / Percussion / Songs
Celina Ozymandias ~ Bass / Vox / Percussion / Arrangements
Jackson Marlette ~ Drums & Percussion / Vox / Guitars
James T Mckay ~ Howls, Wails & Woops!
Sam Francis ~ Mr. Tambourine Man.
Shouting Thomas Torment ~ Honorary Tentakiller

Delve into the revival of psychedelic music and a name will continue to appear in your peripheral vision, Al Hotchkiss, a musician from Scotland, now currently part of Los Tentakills. Since 2010 they have released an impressive amount of groovy psychedelic rhythm & blues available on their bandcamp page. Get a taste with this free Live download. 

Freak Out With The Psychotomimetic Sounds Of Los Tentakills, A Down And Dirty Lo-Fi Patchwork Intensification Of Psychedelia, Garage And Surf Reverberations. With influences such as Los Saicos, Link Wray & 13th Floor Elevators. Los Tentakills have created uncommon devious music with the emphasis on playing from the heart in a conscientious and concerted effort to formulate an affinity with you and perchance set the windmills of your mind turnabout in the process.

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