Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Dead Exs NEW! Fan Sourced Video 'Relovolution'

Back in August right before their Texas tour The Dead Exs put out a call to fans to submit video's for a new video, well here it is! My music video debut! My son Derek transports me out of the Liquor store on a hand truck.
Each person submitted a clip and the rest we filled in with some tour footage and personal clips from NYC. You can see us on tour following Ray Wylie Hubbard's bus through Texas Hill Country and the windfarms of West Texas, travelling through upstate NY, some footage inside the now famous Zuccotti Park and some NYC demonstrations from 2011. Big thanks to Pat Harrington of Killcode, Ravenval, Kieran White, MondoTopless, Michelle Lysy King, Maryanne, Danielle, Dina, David and Kevin Horton, Owen and JJ.  
Love all you guys, dp & wylie

Why yes if you haven't yet, get the single 'Relovolution' free download. And buy the new album here. (Hey get a T-Shirt too, all the cool kids are wearing them.)

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