Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lorelle meets The Obsolete - NEW LP 'Chambers'

Photo by Nicole Klinckwort
Lorelle: vocals, guitar, bass 
The Obsolete: drums, percussion, bass, vocals, Casiotone, guitars

Long a favorite of mine these prolific purveyors of psych, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete are psychedelia per-sonic-fied.

Although ‘Chambers’ is Lorelle meets The Obsolete’s third long-player, it is the first to be made widely available in the UK and Europe in February 2014 via Captcha Records, and follows their rapturously received tour in September 2013, during which they were one of the highlights at the Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia and sold out shows as word of mouth grew and radio and press picked up on them after hearing ‘Medicine To Cure Medicine Sickness’, their memorable contribution to the long since sold- out ‘Psych For Sore Eyes’ EP in February 2013.

The first single from ‘Chambers’, ‘What’s Holding You?’, followed in September with everyone from Steve Lamacq to Frank Skinner spinning it on the radio, and NME getting a bit over-excited and describing it as sounding “like Stereolab getting wasted on Walter White’s finest blue crystal and pretending to be Queens Of The Stone Age”.
The duo (who play live as a four-piece using guest musicians) say they “had a blast” touring Europe – after trekking around North America and supporting The Cure at a huge Mexico City stadium show earlier in the year – and are already planning their return in March and April 2014. One of the highlights was finally meeting their hero Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3, who gave them some sage advice on – of all things – how to change a tour van tyre after they had a blowout en route to Liverpool.
Sonic Boom had already helped them in another way – by mastering ‘Chambers’ and making lots of the little details that had been buried in the mix come alive. After laying down basic tracks with Mikale de Graff and Alex Narinskiy, they recorded the album in Chicago with Cooper Crain of legendary psych/ kraut/drone rockers Cave – the first time they had recorded anywhere other than at home in Mexico.
The album is called ‘Chambers’ because, while they recorded it, they felt like they were in various enclosed places far from home and everything else.
“Most of the songs came out of jams, while the tunes on the first two albums were structured either by Lorena or me,” explains The Obsolete, aka Alberto González. “It’s a really straightforward record. To me it doesn’t sound as hazy as the first two and, as it’s the first time we worked with someone else behind the board, it’s Cooper’s interpretation of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete. Then Sonic Boom cranked the volume up!”

1. What’s Holding You?
2. The Myth Of The Wise
3. Dead Leaves
4. I Can’t Feel The Outside
5. Music For Dozens
6. Grieving
7. Sealed Scene
8. Third Wave
9. 13 Flowers
10. Thoughts About Night Noon

Release date 17 February 2014
Lorelle: vocals, guitar, bass
The Obsolete: drums, percussion, bass, vocals, Casiotone, guitars
Recorded by: Cooper Crain, Mikale de Graff, Alex Narinskiy
Mastered by: Sonic Boom

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