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Popa Tunes Top 50 Picks Of 2013 Part Four of Five

20. Black Casino and the Ghost - Some Dogs Think Their Name Is No
Some Dogs Think Their Name Is No is an ear worm unleashed from the depths of hell, epically cutting edge and amazing! Elisa Zoot’s voice is monstrous. The band was formed in London, England, in 2010. Their music is about isolation, disorientation, lust, and how to fly a plane through turbulence without spilling your coffee.

Track List:
1. Boogeyman
2. Johnny Boy
3. Ballad of the Ghost
4. Wolf is Howling
5. Been a bad woman
6. Son of the dust
7. Hoboland
8. If it doesn't hurt
9. Connect the dots
10. We've seen nothing
11. I like you 'cause you're free

19. William Gruff - Binghamton
A mosaic of musical exploration from folk, country, gypsy, Latin, jazz, rock, and boogie blues, the second release from William Gruff, ‘Binghamton’ features Matt Cusack (songwriter)(NYC), Vince Federici(Philly), Charlie Heim(Philly), Will Tobin(Ithaca), and Julia Adamy(NYC) each experts on their respective instruments. Recorded in a day at More Sound Studio after a grueling adventure to get there, Binghamton is a loose, freewheeling, powerful record from a band that naturally gels together with an abundance of creativity. Each track is hypnotically catchy, and sinks into the subconscious to wander there perpetually.

1. Brainspace, Ship My Brain Away
2. Clones
3. Atmosphere On Mars
4. Feels Nice
5. At The Bottom Of The Ocean
6. Newtons

18. Eryn Shewell Self-Titled Solo Album
Eryn Shewell has developed a reputation as one of the premier up and coming voices on the scene today. Eryn has performed her unique blend of blues rooted americana infused with a taste of years gone by all over the east coast and beyond. Known as the Jewel of New Jersey Eryn's incredible vocals have the capability to give even the most hardened critic chills. A recent press article described Eryn as having "the power to woo audiences into an amused silence", with a  "seductive range changing voice,,,"  "...bending and moving to the music, especially in tunes where her voice trails off in jam band moments of pleasant belting-meets-screaming... when songs later her voice is soft as butter and seems to roll off and melt into the air around you."

1. Fall
2. Suck It Up
3. Breathe In
4. Boy Like You
5. Afraid Of The Dark
6. Relax To Sleep
7. High School Sweetheart (Live In The Studio)
8. Backseat Romance Forecast
9. Simple
10. I Wish I Was In New Orleans

17. Wild Child - The Runaround
Austin’s indie folk band Wild Child sophomore Ben Kweller-produced album ‘The Runaround’ floats effortlessly and hovers ethereally somewhere between folk and indie pop rock to tickle the parts of the brain that put a smile on your face and a jig in your step. The instruments are folk,  the arrangements have catchy vocals and hooks that hit the sweet spot.

Track List:
01 The Runaround
02 Victim To Charm
03 Crazy Bird
04 Coming Home
05 Stitches
06 Anna Maria
07 This Place
08 Here Now
09 Living Tree
10 Rillo Talk
11 Left Behind

16. The Howlin Brothers - Howl
A while back one of my twitter sock puppets won one of the Couch By Couchwest contests and I received this CD in the mail from Country Fried Rock it has been in heavy play since.
The Howlin' Brothers from Tennessee play Old-time, Blues, and Bluegrass music that's ear to ear grinning, foot stompin' hand clappin' with a soulful boogie style that is contagious.

The Howlin’ Brothers are a three-piece string band that brings heart and passion into every performance. Their upbeat shows are heavy with original and traditional music, featuring the sounds of slide banjo, harmonica and old-time fiddle.

Track Listing
01. Big Time
02. Hermitage Hotstep
03. Julia Belle Swain
04. Gone
05. Delta Queen
06. Tennessee Blues
07. My Dog Can't Bark
08. Tell Me That You Love Me
09. Just Like You
10. Take This Hammer
11. Boatman Dance
12. Mama Don't You Tell Me

15: Carolann Solebello – Steel and Salt
Most familiar to folk audiences as a founding member of the celebrated female trio Red Molly, Carolann Solebello returned to solo performance in August 2010 after six years of steady touring with the band. Her fourth solo CD, Steel and Salt released in August 2013. Carolann is the winner of the 2011 Susquehanna Music & Arts Festival Songwriting Competition, and was an Official Showcase Artist at Folk Alliance International and the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance in 2012.
Steel and Salt features Carolann’s exceptional vocals, with songs ranging from twangy ode’s ‘Brooklyn in the Rain’ and ‘River’ that put our favorite enclave in the light of small town America, to the beautifully dark and haunting ‘Backward’ and ‘Put Down the Gun’ and emotionally reflective ‘Falling Is Easy’ ‘Movie Queen’ and ‘Neptune’
Track List:
1. Brooklyn In The Rain
2. Backward  
3. Falling is Easy  
4. Concentrate  
5. Chinatown  
6. Loaded  
7. Put Down the Gun  
8. Golden Boy  
9. River  
10. Movie Queen  
11. Neptune  

14. Left Lane Crusier - Rock them Back to Hell
An album of voodoo hillbilly punk-blues, the duo expanding their sonic palette by adding bass, harmonica, organ, and trash percussion (that would be a cardboard box, a paint tin, trash can and an electrified five-gallon bucket). The result is an album to wake up the dead, and rock it back to hell!

1. Zombie Blocked
2. Electrify
3. Neighborhood
4. Juice To Get Loose
5. Overtaken
6. Be So Fine
7. Jukebox
8. Coley
9. Paralyze Ya
10. Righteous

13. The Woodwards - II
To me The Woodwards conjure images of Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsberg sittiing conspiratoraly in a corner, Iggy and Tom chat quietly over coffee and cigarettes, John Gibbon’s wanders around collecting pieces of found objects littered about, Diana di Prima and Hettie Jones slither from table to table in black turtlenecks and tights, random chatter flows like poetry mingling with thick billows of smoke.

Track List:
1. The Wood
2. Ursula Peterson
3. 20 Toes
4. Pushing Up Daisies
5. Birdy
6. Without You
7. Burn Everything
8. She Shot Me Down
9. By The Time I Came Back
10. Work In The Dark
11. Nothing

12. Melody Walker and Jason Groopman - We Made It Home
Melody Walker, a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and virtuosic vocalist and picker extraordinaire Jacob Groopman have fused their influences into a style they like to call “Americali.” They define it as Americana with a California twist, but of course, it’s much more. Drawing from genres including bluegrass, rock, jazz, classical, Afrobeat, samba and Balkan folk, yet staying close to their American folk roots, the duo create literate music that honors tradition, yet sounds completely of the moment.
Melody’s truly beautiful vocals and their tight intricate string work of banjo, guitar and mandolin with Jacob abound on their latest release.  Intensely in sync with each other the harmonies float like intertwined streams of thought.

1. We Made It Home
2. Retinue
3. Betelgeuse
4. Black Grace
5. Come On Mule
6. Billy the Champ
7. O Heartbreaker
8. Graceland
9. Sweet Sunny South
10. Yellow Haired Girl
11. Little Blue Caboose
12. Mississippi Moon

11. Star Anna - Go To Hell
Star Anna growls 'my love will haunt you' on 'Power of My Love, on this debut solo release her voice will haunt you. Her fourth album, 'Go To Hell' leaves behind her long time band The Laughing Dogs, partnering with Tye Baille as band leader, co writer, producer and takes another step away from her beginnings as an Ellensburg sidewalk busker and alt country ingénue, reaching deep into blues Star emerges anguished and riveting with captivating impassioned vocals as she sings of real life experiences, pain and hardship.

2. Go To Hell
3. Electric Lights
4. Let Me Be
5. Mean Kind of Love
6. Younger Than
7. Power of My Love
8. Everything You Know
9. Come On Up To The House
10. Smoke Signals

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