Sunday, December 29, 2013

Introducing The Lies - Whatever

The other half of one of my fave lo-fi rock duo's Melissa and Paul, Paul Alan has emerged with a new project 'The Lies'
In early 2013 Ian Matthew Keller decided he had enough. He grew tired of the north, the woods and receiving no fruits for his labor, so he did what a lot of other people with similar sentiments do...he left.  He embarked on a 6th month self-finding journey to the South and like many others who take similar plans of action, he returned to “the cave” he knows so well, but he did not return empty-handed.  With plenty of time to reflect and indulge in life experience, Ian’s creativity was stimulated and manifested itself through the blues.  One member at a time, a band formed around the songs that seemingly went right from Ian’s head to his guitar- each member adding their own touch without taking away from the overall rawness or sincerity. They simply brought new life to the skeletons that were already there.  Two months later and after a steady rehearsal schedule,  the quartet known as, The Lies, braved a snow storm and recorded the 7 songs on their debut EP, “Whatever.”

Ian- Vocals/Personality/Guitar
Ben- Bass/Beard
Vince- Guitar/Beard
Paul- Drums/MS Paint

Paul's steady but boisterous beats complied with Ben's deep ominous bass and Vince and Ian's moody leads and rhythms are a perfect match for Ian's dark rakish bluesy vocals. I'm digging on this big time, excellent stuff looking forward to more. Grab this free album!

'Whatever' coming January 2014 on Bedside Manner Collective
1. Don't Know What You Have
2. Don't Lose Your Faith
3. Work
4. Somehow You Still Can't
5. Deep On The Inside
6. You and Me
7. Living On

Their first show is January 15 at Stanhope House 45 Main Street
Stanhope, New Jersey 07874

Recorded on 12/14/13 by Sean Farrelly and Tom Fett.
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Carafa.
All songs written and played by the lies.
Released 1 January 2013

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