Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Lappes - Lappe It Up!

John Fraze - Bass
Will Miehe - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Shane Naidoo - Drums
Tom Wilkinson - Guitar/Vocals

Let there be no confusion, The Lappes deal in fusion... sonic excursions and tight instrumentation abound on their debut EP ‘Lappe It Up’ as they venture on a groove filled spacious jammy sound experiment. Even in these chilly dreary days of winter 'Summer Breeze' wafts around you like sun lit drops of cool water while the rest of the songs cover you with warm glows of electric tones.

The four piece alternative rock band known as The Lappes began in February of 2013. Long time friends Will Miehe and Shane Naidoo were playing music in between their careers when Will brought forward another great friend, Tom WIlkinson. Almost immediately, the trio had a connection that was difficult to believe occurred so naturally. With Tom’s voice and melodies bringing a smooth and flowing lead line, Will providing a strong groove on the guitar, and Shane bringing forth stable and soothing rhythms, all that was missing from the music was a strong foundation. John Fraze was introduced to the group one week later and the missing link was discovered.

The Lappes have been on the fast track to musical idealism ever since their first notes together. They quickly began to play in public places such as Roxy & Dukes in Dunellen, NJ, and Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ. The crowd response for every show they played was incredible at which point The Lappes were invited to play a variety show night in Atlantic City at the renowned Revel Hotel. Playing for a crowded hotel in America’s Playground then brought The Lappes to play for The New Jersey Walks for Tourette Syndrome at Ramapo College where the band was positively embraced.

The Lappes recently finished a 5 song EP which is available for download and are currently working on an album. Moving forward, the band will continue to branch out with upcoming performances in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York City and Virginia.

1. Can’t Stay
2. Through It All
3. Summer Breeze
4. Gotta Problem
5. Disinclined

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