Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fresh new Rock and Roll, True Strings

The story goes while driving down the 101 in Los Angeles listening to another cheesy pop song, singer/songwriter Mitch Brookhyser said, "We can write better songs than this over-processed American Cheese!" Well, Mitch that is a vast understatement employing both digital and analog technologies to create the sounds and tones of classic rock from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, True Strings capture R&R in it's purest form, great lyrics, great beats and great guitar work fall into place like an alphabetically ordered classic rock vinyl collection.

The nexus of True Strings was a Newport Beach garage band in the 1990s. Scholz, an incredibly gifted guitarist from Chicago, happened to live next door to Brookhyser, a singer/balladeer. They started writing songs together in the garage. The most insightful thing they did was record sessions on a TASCAM 464 4-track recorder. This went on for years. Literally hundreds of musical ideas were captured and archived using this simple technique. True Strings often references their collection of cassette archives when deciding upon songs to produce. Brookhyser says, “A good rock song never dies, it just gets sampled by a rap artist.”

Brookhyser a career firefighter, and Scholz, a successful graphic artist, began recording professionally in 1995. They were so respected as a recording team that when a certain studio closed, the owner gave them all his equipment and encouraged them to keep producing. True Strings believes digitizing music has devalued the purity of singer/songwriter/musician but recognizes the digital age is here to stay and this technology can be harnessed with great results if used wisely. Since the internet reaches a worldwide audience, True Strings proclaims, “A rock-n-roll resurrection is long overdue!”

Their first self-titled CD is a compilation of analog and digital recordings ranging from 1995 to 2012. The intent of this first release is to close unfinished business. Their goal is to produce forty high quality songs over the next 18 months and distribute True Strings recordings internationally.
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Lead Vocals: Mitch Brookhyser
Guitar: Danny Scholz
Bass: Kurt Radmacher
Drums: Julian Shea

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  1. Hey Popa's Tunes,

    Thanks for taking the time to put True Strings on your blogging site. Every little bit helps for starving musicians like us. Keep rocking popa!!!


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