Friday, December 20, 2013

Gerard & the Watchmen - Wooden Castles

Photo by Nigel Lupton
Dave Gerard -Songwriter, Producer, Guitar, Drums
James Frid - Harmony Vox, Guitar, Mandolin
Nuala Honan - Harmony Vox, Guitar Banjo Harmonica
Dan Rogers - Upright Bass
Gerard and the Watchmen are a UK acoustic folk collective based around the song writing of producer Dave Gerard. They combine the influence of 70s English and American folk with more modern alternative sounds and production. 
Beautifully melodic and moody with expansive instrumentation and harmonies the album is an exploration of themes of escapism, love and death, performed on a wide variety of folk and electric instruments and a plethora of open tuned guitars.

1. Intro
2. Long We Stood
3. Viking Burial
4. Broken Horses
5. Cureless Love
6. Wooden Castles
7. All is Grace
8. A Restraint
9. In the Summer
10. Restless Sounds
11. Step Lightly
12. Final Waltz

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