Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Yawpers NEW Single Sister Mary

Denver, Colorado three piece band The Yawpers are not a band looking for a sound or a genre, with their EP Savage Blue, 2012’s debut full length ‘Capone Crusade’ the recently released underground bootleg "Good Songs/Shitty Versions" you’ll find they’re a band with a sound and style all their own. So perhaps they are looking for a sound they can’t tackle so they can say ‘well okay then let’s cross that off the list?’ With this latest single the voluminous 60's poppy/psych groovy ‘Sister Mary’ the lads are batting a thousand. Since I first heard this band I was intrigued by their unique sound and effortless way they incorporate disparate pieces of the American musical lexicon into it, so I for one am not surprised nor dissapointed by the direction of this song, it fits them well.
Band member Nate Cook puts it this way…
“This is completely different for us so we're doing a super underground release in that we aren't even announcing it, or making it available for sale at least not for a while, just kind of giving it to a few people, and letting them spread it how they will. It's far enough outside of our normal range that I’m curious to see how people react to it before we get behind it totally. And if you know anyone who would be interested in hearing it, please pass it along”

The Yawpers are in the process of working on their next record, of which I am eagerly awaiting but in the meantime download this single, spread it like butter over hot mountian oysters and download their cover songs "Good Songs/Shitty Versions" on my guest post over at Common Folk Music

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