Friday, March 23, 2012

BandCamp Discoveries, Folk, Americana blah blah blah

I have one genre 'Music I like'  People always ask where I find the bands I put on the Popakazooza Compilations (not really no one ever comments on this blog) Here is a recent excursion into the wonderful world of Bandcamp, All are name your price downloads, so let your conscience be your guide. And ifin you like, support give em a like on facebook, twitter and spread the lovin.

Folk, Americana, Singer-Songwriter, Soul
Mimi Naja, Kellen Asebroek, Jay Cobb Anderson, Keith Simon, Tyler Thompson
Lewiston, ID - Atlanta, GA - Vista, CA

Science! is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang and multi-instrumentalist Jim Elenteny. For a stripped down two guitar, two mic set, the duo offers a full sound sure to turn any unfamiliar listener into a fist-shaking enthusiast.
Seattle, WA

The Dirty Urchins
Folky Rockish Blues Country
David Luther, Freddie Stevenson, Bennett Miller, Julia Haltigan
Brooklyn, NY

Bird Dog
Soul, Roots, Country, Planetary
Ben Chace, Nino Chace, Paul Defiglia, Mark Dobbyn, David Christian
Brooklyn, NY
Formed in 2010, Bird Dog is a Brooklyn based outfit with a sound that draws on a wide set of roots influences from Aretha and Bobby D to S.E. Rogie, John Holt and The Louvin Brothers. Members of the band have played previously with Langhorne Slim, The Avett Brothers, TK Webb, Hellbent Hooker, Loveable Losers and Shots in the Dark.

The Groundhogs
Big Muddy label head Chris Baricevic and Ryan Koenig of the Rum Drum Ramblers and South City Three have been collaborating on music for years. On the night of Groundhogs Day 2012 they made a tape drenched in whiskey, Stag beer, and American music.

Dive Bar Dukes
New York City’s Dive Bar Dukes play an original blend of country, blues & bluegrass music, a sound that emphasizes good musicianship with heartfelt & well-crafted songs. The Dive Bar Dukes formed in 2008 under the leadership of Hans Holzen and perform in NYC’s acclaimed music venues (Living Room, Rodeo Bar, Pete’s Candy Store, etc). In 2011, the DBD’s released their first recording and won a city-wide battle-of-the-bluegrass-bands contest to earn a spot at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Francisco. Current members of the Dive Bar Dukes are Hans Holzen, Peter Bitenc, Bennett Sullivan, and Melody Allegra, Ross Martin, and Joel Arnow.

The Bellboys
Jay Cobb Anderson - Vocals/Lead Guitar/Banjo(Caroline)
Brad Parsons - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Tele(Caroline)
Keith Simon - Upright Bass
Tyler Thompson - Drums
Michael Winter - Vocals/Banjo/Acoustic Guitar(Caroline)

Wainwright Brothers
Wainwright Brothers make bonafide foot stomping roots music in Eugene, Oregon.

Jonathan Tully on upright bass and Charles Barrington on acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals.
In late 2010, Cab teamed up for the third time with producer/musician Jason Kent (Sunfields) to produce their longest and most developed batch of recordings to date.”Leave the Porch Light On” features nine alt-country-blues pieces concerning love, heartache, redemption, death, compassion and whiskey drinking.



  1. Thanks for the heads up. I enjoy your compilations. I have a question for you, but I'll send it in a private message.

    1. woo hoo a comment! thanks Joe, I'll be looking for it1


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