Friday, March 30, 2012

Band of Heathens acoustic show in Oklahoma

photo by Bill Ellison

Ed Jurdi -- Guitar, Keys, Harmonica, Vocals
Gordy Quist -- Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Seth Whitney -- Bass, Vocals
John Chipman -- Drums, Percussion
Trevor Nealon - Keys, Vocals

There are advantages to subscribing to Band emails, via an email from Band of Heathens:
Acoustic Live Bootleg Free Download
Click here to download a free recording of an intimate acoustic show in Oklahoma back in February for a playful crowd of about 300 in the belly of a Tulsa church on a Saturday night. So download it, go to their website and subscribe for future emails, there is oodles of cool stuff there. It's only your addy after all.

March 30 - New York, NY

March 31 - Philadelphia, PA
April 1 - Cazenovia, NY
April 3 - Washington, DC
April 4 - Charlottesville, VA
April 5 - Raleigh, NC
April 6 - Charlotte, NC
For a full listing of upcoming shows, tickets, and showtimes, please visit


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