Thursday, March 29, 2012

Melissa & Paul - Live Hard

Take a sponge and dip it in a solution of Blues, Psych and Punk and squeeze it and you have Melissa and Paul, Hailing from North Jersey, Melissa sings and plays guitar while Paul handles the drumming. They have teamed with Bedside Manner and Gruff Beard to release their sophomore EP 'Live Hard' 10' Record on April 13th Additionally they have teamed with Star Beat Music to release a white limited edition, hand-numbered cassette tape, on Record Store Day, April 21st. 
UPDATE: Order the 10' here NOW - Gruff Beard 
Get the limited edition, hand-numbered cassette tape here NOW Star Beat Music
Last night via their Facebook page they posted a new song from the upcoming release on bandcamp, give it a listen and give them a like, maybe they will tease us with more before the release. 

In January they released this killer single, 'Summer' download it! It might just hold you over until the release of their EP. Per Melissa and Paul: Enjoy! We put it up as "Pay What You Want," but don't hesitate to download it for free!

Upcoming Shows

*Friday April 13th – VERNON VFW – Vernon, NJ
w/Jessica Joyce, Boy Things, Keith Kenny

*Saturday, April 14th – THE SUFFOLK – New York City
w/Conor & The Stonehill Kids, Libel, Perp Walk

 **Saturday, April 21st – HELLZ KITCHEN – Newark, NJ Tape Release
w/The Naked Heroes, Six to Eight Mathematics

*Vinyl Release
**Vinyl & Tape Release

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