Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Living Kills -Faceless Angels

The Living Kills

Guest Post by: Takeover Radio Show DJ 'The Kid'

The New York City based band The Living Kills are without a doubt a product of the 21st century. An amalgamation of so many genres and musical periods, their debut album Faceless Angels combines the warm and fuzzy charm of a 60’s rock outfit with the aggression and high energy of a middle finger saluting punk rock band and everything in between.  
It is all combined with a sensibility that is distinctly fresh.   In a scene that is full of watered down, lo-fi, wanna be psychedelic acts The Living Kills is the real deal. Merrill Sherman’s lyrics are poetic and thoughtful; rivaling those of Jim Morrison- yes I went there- and the accompanying music is equally resonant.  Some songs are slower and more dramatic, like “Dead,” and “Long Shadow of The Day”.  While others are energetic and aggressive; even danceable like “My Gun’s a Fist” and “Others Lips”.  The Living Kills are the perfect mix of classic, groovy Rock N’ Roll a la The Animals, The Sonics, and The Rolling Stones;  dirty blues bands like ZZ Top, and The Black Keys;  and glorious psychedelia akin to The Beatles and The Yardbirds… Well maybe I shouldn’t say “the perfect mix” because I have high hopes that this band will continue to push forward in the future and carve out a perfect fuzzy little psychedelic Rock n Roll place for themselves.  
Others Lips.mp3
Angels Without Faces.mp3

Merrill Sherman (guitar, vocals)
Jennifer Bassett (organ, synth, vocals)
Erica Keller (bass, vocals)
Yancy Sabenicio (drums, percussion)

Music Video for “My Gun is a Fist” from “Faceless Angels”
My Gun is a Fist from The Living Kills on Vimeo.

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