Monday, January 23, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, Shayfer James!

Shayfer James

Those of you who read this blog, (there are a couple of you, right?) know that I have Vaudevillian, Carnivalesque tendencies and like music that capture the mood and visuals of times past but bring them smack damn to the present. Shayfer James does that for me, I wish I had discovered earlier would definitely been included in Popakazooza. He recently closed the house, a packed house at Maxwells Thursday night closing for Those Mockingbirds at their Fa Sol La Vinyl release party. (more on that later)
Anywoo, let’s just get to the music!

"...poetic compositions, which ride turbulent waves of melodious verses, backed by a storm of intricate instrumentals (“Battle Cry,” “Diggin’ Up Hatchets”), with a pair minimalistic testimonial type-tracks mixed in amongst the bunch (“Peace,” “Have A Seat Misery”). However, the cream of this crop rose to the top in “Weight Of The World,” the leading number to one of SIMGE’s favorite albums of the year" - Speak Into My Good Eye

"the songs are a welcome dark wave that takes the listener in unexpected directions and unexpected realms of emotion" - (InDMusic)
"dark and funky piano arrangement lets you know that this wired situation is one that James thinks is quite dire" - MTVHive

Counterfeit Arcade released Nov. 2011

The Owl & The Elephant released May 2010

Free Ep Red Room Vol. 1 released Dec. 2008

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