Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Be part of the scene,man! @BBiB - @Bangboogaloo Psych Comp. Release Party

Beyond Beyond is Beyond/Bang Bang Boogaloo Psych Compilation Release Party

Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 9:00pm until 2:00am At Shea Stadium

The New Yorker - Jan. 19: The shoegaze-y and guitar-heavy indie-rock veterans Hopewell (named for the home town of the founding member Jason Russo) have been performing their tight, well-balanced rock songs since 1995. With Woodsman, a quartet sporting two guitarists and two drummers, whose songs are reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s early-nineties work, except that the vocals are almost completely obscured by effects. Also appearing are the Zabalas, a collaboration between the Argentinean singer Flor Zabala and the New York producer David Pattillo, who offer a straightforward, slick rock-and-roll sound highlighted by Flor’s commanding vocals. Read more
Party starts at 9:00 with DJs Invisble Familiars (Jared of Minerva Lions) and Unicorn Pudding (Beyond Beyond is Beyond's Mike Newman). Then...
10:30 - Woodsman (
11:15 - Hopewell (

With visuals provided by the amazing and DJ'd jams from Invisible Familiars and Unicorn Pudding to keep vibes alive long into the far-out hours!

Poster by Justin Gabbard

Bang Bang Boogaloo brings you Beyond Beyond is Beyond, the epic free digital compilation of cage-free jams, on January 24th. But for those groovy duders and dudettes that are reading this, get it here NOW!

cover art by Justin Gabbard

The compilation will include tunes from the likes of Hopewell, Woodsman, Minerva Lions, Mondo Drag, Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, Buffalo Killers, Paperhead, Velcro Lewis Group, Conspiracy of Owls, The Zabalas, Amy Annelle, Citay, Jeffertiti's Nile, Herbcraft, Bizi Gara, Outrageous Cherry, Main Street Gospel, Blues Pills, Heavy Eyes and Brooklyn Raga Association!

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