Saturday, January 28, 2012

Those Mockingbirds–Record Release Party

Last Friday my son and I aka Takeover Radio DJ ‘The Kid’ went to Maxwells in Hoboken for Those Mockingbird’s Fa Sol La EP Vinyl release party. I have been following the band for quite awhile and enjoy immensely the video’s Adam and Tory put out of their escapades, they are both extremely entertaining people. Their ‘commercial’ for the release party was hilarious with Adam playing the record Grinch on Christmas morning.

The place was packed when we got there, but soon overflowed to over max capacity. The crowd was energetic and raring to go. As the night went on and the opening bands got the crowd whipped up we found ourselves being pushed closer and closer to the wall, but behold there are two steps running along the wall! Now I’m vertically challenged so this was actually the best thing that could happen. Our view was greatly enhanced.

Adam is like the ultimate Rock and Roll warrior, with duct tape on his geetar and an ace bandage on his wrist he wrestles some killer riffs from that axe. I also love the violin and what Tory does with one playing rock and roll is fantastic, she adds a big sound to the songs and her and Adam’s vocals are one of the best duets I’ve heard in a long time. Their cover of Fleetwood Mac ‘The Chain’ is better then the original.
As an added bonus, like one was needed.. World/Inferno Friendship Society's violinist Rebecca Schlappich joined the band for the song ‘Don’t Stray’ sparks were flying from their bows, like the Sorcerers apprentice! It was a sight to behold and hear..
But dang, it was over to quick. Bottom line, I love this band.Get their record, see them live if you can. Order Vinyl here Download the EP Fa Sol La here um it’s free!
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Thanks to Terrance Pryor on NJ Underground for these great Videos. WATCH THEM!
Those Mockingbirds – “The Difference Between Love and Addiction” Maxwells – 1-20-12

Those Mockingbirds – '”Don’t Stray’ featuring Rebecca Schlappich Maxwells 1-20-12

Those Mockingbirds – “The Chain” Maxwells 1-20-12


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