Friday, January 6, 2012

Best wishes Dan Hare of 22-20's

May 3rd 2012 Statement from the bandSadly we have to announce that Dan has left the band. Dan’s life and home are in England and with the other three of us now living in Minneapolis the situation had unfortunately become untenable for both him and the rest of us here. The decision, made a few weeks ago, is both amicable and mutual. We will not look to replace him (he’s irreplaceable anyway) and will continue as we originally started, and as we have been doing throughout this year, as a three piece. Dan is a great guitar player and, above all else, a great friend. We’d like to thank him for all he has contributed these past four years, both as a musician and a person, and wish him all the very best for all he goes on to do. It’s been an absolute pleasure having him in the band and, being as he is one of our very favorite people on the planet, he’ll be sorely missed.
May 3rd 2012 Statement from Dan HareUnfortunately the time has come for me to part ways with 22-20s. It’s not a decision that has been taken lightly, however due to the circumstances, both financially and logistically, I feel that this is the best decision for all involved. I have been lucky enough to spend the last four years of my life making and playing music all over the world, meeting some amazing people. The thing that makes me most proud is the fact that in 22-20s I have been fortunate enough to ‘work’ with 3 people whom I consider to be not only my best friends, but incredible musicians too. Everybody else involved with the band during my tenure was always helpful, friendly and fun to be around and I will take a lot of experience and happy memories away with me.
I’m very happy to say that this situation has been handled in an amicable fashion by all involved and that I wish the band all the best in the future with their efforts.
I will be putting together some form of band together in the near future so if you are interested and want to kept up to date with developments then follow me on Twitter at @dan2220s
A massive thanks to Glen, Martin and James and everyone who was there along the way!

22-20’s disbanded in 2005 but got back together in 2008 after the band's former manager offered Trimble and Bartup some studio time, and in need of a drummer called up Irving to play on the sessions. At the time, the band didn't know whether the tracks would ever be released or if they did, whether they would be as 22-20s. They were then offered a gig at the Heavenly Festival in September 2008 at the Royal Festival Hall in London at the request of Heavenly Records. The band were joined by second guitarist Dan Hare, an old school friend and formerly of fellow Sleaford band 'The Jubilees' Coombes was not present and is no longer involved with the band. Despite debuting a new song at the gig, a spokesman for the band claimed that there were no plans for the band to continue beyond the gig.
The band then secretly toured England under the pseudonym Bitter Pills (the title of one of the band's new songs) in September 2009, playing amongst others Oxford Jericho Tavern, Hull Adelphi, Derby Rockhouse and Northampton Picturedrome previewing new material.
With no announcement, they released their first new material in the single, "Latest Heartbreak" and released ‘Shake/Shiver/Moan’ in May 2010 and visited Daytrotter for a session in July 2010
22-20's Shake,Shiver,Moan.mp3
22-20's Latest Heartbreak.mp3
In February 2011, a Pledgemusic campaign was launched to release Shake/Shiver/Moan for people outside of Japan and the US. This new exclusive version of the album will include the tracks from the "Latest Heartbreak Live EP" and "Latest Outtakes" releases as bonus tracks.[59] The band announced in December 2011 the release next year of the bands 3rd studio album "Got It If You Want It" and confirmed plans to tour it. The band have been confirmed to appear in the US at 2012's Coachella Festival in California.
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