Monday, January 9, 2012

And so it goes: Feel Bad For You - Best of 2011

Here's this month's FBFY 2011 Favorites Mix from a collection of Notorious Muso's, Carouser's, Rascals, Tweeters, and Bloggers.  


1. Powder Mill - Devil In New Orleans
Southern Independent Vol. 2
Submitted By: Adam Sheets
Comments: Of all the exclusives we put on the three volumes of Southern Independent, this is probably my favorite.

2. Robyn Ludwick - New Orleans
Out Of These Blues
Submitted By: Mando Lines
Comments: My favorite track off of one of my favorite records of 2011. Robyn Ludwick is a Robison, as in sister to Charlie and Bruce, but she's got her own take on being a singer-songwriter. As New Orleans demonstrates, her voice is sexy, her lyrics are smart and her songs are real.

3. Mount Moriah - The Reckoning
Mount Moriah
Submitted By: Ryan (Verbow at Altcountrytab)
Comments: One of the more upbeat songs off this album. Sweet vocals, beautiful melody, just makes you feel good all over. If you've ever liked any music described as "alt-country" you need to check this album out. A perfect blend of country and indie rock - go get this one now.

4. Daniel Knox - I Make Enemies.mp3
 Everyman for Himself
Submitted By: April @ Now This Sound Is Brave
Comments: Since I already submitted my favorite song of 2011 to the August FBFY, here's my top runner-up from Couch by Couchwest alumni Daniel Knox. With some help from Akron, Ohio's own Ralph Carney (Tin Huey, Tom Waits, the Black Keys), Knox spins a heartfelt tale of love for humanity. Ah, my cockles, they are warmed.

5. Ghosts I've Met - Out With The Embers
From A Spark
Submitted By: erschen

6. Robyn Ludick - Out Of These Blues
Out Of These Blues
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: Has been my favorite song for the better part of the year. I love everything about it.

7. Artist: Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears - You Been Lyin’
Submitted By: BoogieStudio22
Comments: Four of my top ten favorite albums leaned toward R&B and Soul-influenced sound. Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears captured it beautifully. Great band to see live too!

8. John Paul Keith - You Devil You
The Man That Time Forgot
Submitted By: mikeorren
Comments: Lots of new music this year, but I keep going back to this one. And I'm always a sucker for a Devil song.

9. JEFF the brotherhood - Bummer
We Are The Champions
Submitted By: annieTUFF
Comments: I was able to catch JEFF the brotherhood at the Pilot Light here in Knoxville back in September, and I feel really lucky that I did. It was an amazing show, one that I keep thinking about. (I posted about it on my tumblr...just in case you wanna see pics) It was definitely in my top live shows of 2011, sooooo I decided to pick a song off their 2011 album "We Are The Champions" for this mix.

10. 4 On The Floor - Workin' Man Zombie.mp3
Buy: 4 x 4
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: Nothing like a little optimism about the working life to begin the new year.

11. The Dead Exs - Shut Up And Love Me
Submitted By: Popa2unes
Comments: I’m trying to make it on 10 dollars a day, I’m working part time and their docking my pay, My baby tells me we got three mouths to feed, I’d stop complaining if she just say to me, Shut up and love me.

12. Lori McKenna - Sweet Disposition
Submitted By: Rockstar_Aimz
Comments: I think that this song may be about me.

13. Zoe Muth & Lost High Rollers - Before the Night is Gone
Starlight Hotel
Submitted By: Simon

14. Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks.mp3
From: Freaks and Geeks EP
Submitted By: philnorman
Comments: My favorite records of the year would be folks like Jason Isbell, Chis Thile & Michael Daves, Glossary, and Gillian. But when I looked at my iTunes play counts, a little guilty pleasure was right there at the top. Donald Glover is insanely talented.

15. The Pollies - Ashes of Burned Out Stars.mp3
From: N/A - Live From The Shoals track (rough)
Submitted By: Corey Flegel - This Is American Music
Comments: The Pollies are just another band along with DBT, Jason Isbell, The Civil Wars, Doc Dailey, and Lauderdale that hail from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. No big deal...they will have their proper coming out party in 2012. Be ready...

16. Kelsey Waldon - God-Fearing People
Anybody's Darlin' EP
Submitted By: Trailer

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