Saturday, January 7, 2012

The End Men - Build It Up

The End Men
Photo by David Kerry Hannan

The End Men: Matthew Hendershot - vox, screaming, guitar - Livia Ranalli - drums, percussions, toys, vox - Jason Godbey - harmonica, guitar, vox are a DIY band working out of a Brooklyn loft that they turned into a recording studio where they self-produced their fist EP 'Build it Up' and launched The Rehearsal Space Project You Tube Channel showing behind the scenes footage of live shows and the recording process. 

Livia's stomping crisp percussion, Matthew and Jason's tight guitars and Jason's haunting harmonica with Matthew's vocals that sound like Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart and Joe Cocker in an alley after a long night of whiskey and cigarettes but with his own originality create an after hours club atmosphere thick with smoke and beatniks. Jack Kerouac would be right at home reciting the lyrics with a piano accompaniment. Great stuff from a band I want to hear more of in the new year.
If your in the city catch them live January 12th at Hanks Saloon 46 Third Ave (corner of Atlantic), Brooklyn, NY

The Rehearsal Space Project 

As Hurricane Irene bore down on New York Ciy, Matthew and Livia of The End Men spent their days inside crafting this haunting tune ringing the warning bells of the oncoming storm!

Enjoy "A Storm Is Coming"
Music by Livia Ranalli and Matthew Hendershot
Lyrics by Matthew Hendershot

Check them out on the web on Facebook, Reverbnation and Twitter


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