Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Release The Woodwards II

Peter Schuyff and Stevie Guy

To me The Woodwards conjure images of Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsberg sittiing conspiratoraly in a corner, Iggy and Tom chat quietly over coffee and cigarettes, John Gibbon’s wanders around collecting pieces of found objects littered about, Diana di Prima and Hettie Jones slither from table to table in black turtlenecks and tights, random chatter flows like poetry mingling with thick billows of smoke.
Perhaps the fact that Peter spent two decades living in the famed Chelsea Hotel he has absorbed much of the vibe of its Beat Generation heyday, like being transported Peter Schuyff with prose like Leonard Cohen collaborating with Dyan and a voice like a laid back Lou Reed and Stevie Guy's beautifully delicate vocals, on The Woodwards magnificent 2nd release II, Peter uses words to paint pictures that bring the sights, sounds and feel of the beatniks into the new century. I think I’ll call it Beat Noir, the music flows with Morricone sounding riffs, echoing melodies and a myriad of percussion toys weaving delicious melodic songs.

The Woodwards II will be released on November 4th on iTunes 
Track List:
1. The Wood
2. Ursula Peterson
3. 20 Toes
4. Pushing Up Daisies
5. Birdy
6. Without You
7. Burn Everything
8. She Shot Me Down
9. By The Time I Came Back
10. Work In The Dark
11. Nothing

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Peter Schuyff was born in the Netherlands in 1958 and emigrated to amerika in 1967. His artistic ambitions brought him to New York at 18; he lived at the Chelsea Hotel for much of the following two decades.
His paintings have been collected by Dennis Hopper, Sylvester Stallone and others; he has been commissioned by Gianni Versace. His work can be seen at He counts among his friends, colleagues and neighbors Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Herbert Hunke, Dee Dee Ramone and Ethan Hawke.
After the turn of the new century, Schuyff began writing and singing songs. He says that these songs are the paintings he has always wanted to make. He moved to Amsterdam and recorded his first album.The Woodwards’ eponymous 2009 debut album was produced by Attie Bauw (Judas Priest, Bootsie Collins, Simple Minds) and featured Rob Kloet (The Nits) on drums, Gwen Cresens on bandoneon, and Signe Tollefsen singing backing vocals. The single “I Wanna Woman” was released with an accompanying music video directed by Tycho van Zijderveld.

The have an idiegogo campaign going on now 'The Woodwards European Tour' you could help with and get goodies: 

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