Sunday, October 27, 2013

Popa's Kicks or Beats II Halloween Mix Tape

It’s that time of year, cobwebs cloaking creaky steps, dark dead of night decaying ghastly ghouls and zombies on evil frightful full moon mischief games, eerie goosebump raising scratches and screams in shadowy graveyard plots torch lights blaze shrieking monsters chased from door to door and later moan and groan in nightmare panic as ravens and skeletons swoop and rattle those bags of treats. 

1.Zombie - Ric Royer & G. Lucas Crane.mp3
2. Equus Haar - Spires that in the Sunset Rise.mp3
3.Vampire Kiss (Live @ KEXP) - The Sonics.mp3
4.Ghost Train - Stompin' Riff Raffs.mp3
5.Ghost In The Woods - Out Of Orion.mp3
6.Graveyard - Trailer Bride.mp3
7.I Saw Evil - Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands.mp3
8.The Creepy Butler-  The Sadies.mp3
9.Devil's Stomping Ground - Southern Culture On The Skids.mp3
10.Zombiefied - Chicken Legs Weaver.mp3
11.Lock the Doors -Skeleton Dead.mp3
12.I Was a Teenage Werewolf - Cramps.mp3
13.All My Friends Are Zombies - The Priscillas.mp3
14.Evil Hoodoo - Seeds.mp3
15.Return of the Living Dead - Ghoultown.mp3
16.Dr Phibes - Mad Tea Party.mp3
17.Vampire Lake - Builders & The Butchers.mp3
18.Brain Buffet - Evil Farm Children.mp3
19.Creatures of the Night - Paradise.mp3
20.Graveyard - Grayson Capps.mp3
21.A Bone To Pick - Those Poor Bastards.mp3
22.Graveyard - The Devil Makes Three.mp3
23.No Costume, No Candy - Swingin' Neckbreakers.mp3
24.It's A Monsters' Holiday - Buck Owens.mp3
25.Werewolves of London - Magnolia Electric Co.mp3
26.Horror Business (Misfits Cover)- Superchunk.mp3<
27.Graveyard Song  - I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House.mp3
28.Hell's Gates - Jason & the Scorchers.mp3


  1. Love the Superchunk Misfits cover. Glad to see Grayson Capps on here. Have you heard any of the new Willie Sugarcapps record?

  2. Killer Mix! (pun intended) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (that's the creepy laugh at the end of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," if you couldn't tell.


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