Saturday, October 5, 2013

Black Casino and the Ghost - NEW Album "Some Dogs Think Their Name Is No"

Ariel Lerner
Elisa Zoot
Gary Kilminster
Paul Winter-Hart

Prepare to get your mind blown and your ear holes squirmed, Black Casino and The Ghost new album "Some Dogs Think Their Name Is No" is an ear worm unleashed from the depths of hell, epically cutting edge and amazing! Elisa Zoot’s voice is monstrous.

Black Casino and the Ghost are an alternative rock band consisting of Elisa Zoot (vocals, piano) Ariel Lerner (guitar) Gary Kilminster (bass) and Paul Winter-Hart (drums). The band was formed in London, England, in 2010. Their music is about isolation, disorientation, lust, and how to fly a plane through turbulence without spilling your coffee.

Tune into Strange Majik's 212 Amazing Radio Show Tuesdays 6pm, like I he is high on this band.

Track List:
1. Boogeyman
2. Johnny Boy
3. Ballad of the Ghost
4. Wolf is Howling
5. Been a bad woman
6. Son of the dust
7. Hoboland
8. If it doesn't hurt
9. Connect the dots
10. We've seen nothing
11. I like you 'cause you're free

Released 02 September 2013
Black Casino and the Ghost are:
Elisa Zoot - vocals, piano, organ, percussion
Ariel Lerner - guitars, cigar box, bass on track #6
Gary Kilminster- bass
Paul Winter-Hart - drums

Additional musicians:
Fabio Rondanini - drums & percussion on track #6
David Knight - cello on tracks #3 & #6
Jan Kanowski - violin, viola on tracks #3 & #6
Brant Kilds- brass on tracks #3 & #6
Produced by Ariel Lerner and Elisa Zoot
Recorded by Ariel Lerner & Elisa Zoot, Little White Wolf Studios, London / Sonny, Livingston studios, London / Benedic Lamdin, Fish Factory studios, London
Mixed by Ariel Lerner
except for track #4 mixed by Ariel Lerner & Elisa Zoot
and track #6 mixed by Chris Brown
Mastered by Ariel Lerner
Artwork by Elisa Zoot

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