Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Brett Detar Releases NEW Album 'Too Free To Live'

Brett Detar hits Americana with a hard edge as sharp as a carving knife, 'Too Free To Live' is full of choice cuts, this Ladies and Gentlemen is an amazing album and is on my end of year list to stay.
Brett want to stick this fantastic music in your external auditory meatus for free on his website and this is the best money you've never spent so know what? Go to the bandcamp page and buy it for a friend, they'll love you for it.

I poured my heart & soul into these songs & this album – and I’m pretty sure it even tried to kill me once or twice.  It’s been a hard-fought labor of love and I believe you can hear that when you listen (speaking of listening - huge thanks to my brothers the Mardos who went way above and beyond engineering and mixing it).  Being a completely independent artist means that I self-funded the recording, the studio fees, the money to pay the amazing musicians, the gorgeous hand-drawn album artwork, and the album’s release.  There’s no label, no management, no publicist, and no corporations backing me.   All that to say that YOUR support is directly responsible for this music coming out and being heard – so thank you, seriously.  Without you sharing my music, your encouraging words, & your purchases at my online store & merch table I'd have most-likely already wised up and quit this music thing ;)  To all of you who pre-ordered the album you have my utmost appreciation and thanks.  I hope you will grow to love these songs as you spend time with the record. My one request from you is that you please help me share "Too Free To Live" with your friends & family

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