Sunday, October 20, 2013

Collisionville - The Revenge of Two-Gun Pete

Stephen Pride, Conor Thompson, Ben Adrian
“Hank Williams lived in a rented shack that was near the imposing home of Herman Pride and his family, who did not let young Hank forget that he was poor and fatherless. They called him ‘Two-Gun Pete’ because he liked to play with toy pistols. He didn’t like the ‘Pete’ part and would never forget Herman Pride and the humiliation that he felt was visited upon him.” -Chet Flippo, Your Cheatin’ Heart: A Biography of Hank Williams
Led by guitar player and singer Stephen Pride, a descendant of that same Herman Pride feels the ghost of Hank Williams taking revenge.  Northern California's Collisionville third album ‘The Revenge of Two-Gun Pete’ with dark, mocking humor with howling amplified harmonica and Pride’s hard driving slide and pedal steel, bassist Conor Thompson and drummer Ben Adrian create an excellent rip roaring country and blues album that looks hauntingly at those 80 years of the curse.

Track List:
1. The Ballad of Herman P. Willis.mp3
2. The Devil Can't Hurt You if You Don't Believe
3. Heart out in the Sun
4. No Way to Live
5. Try It on Your Horses
6. I Still Haven't Seen the Light
7. Dancing With a Broken Heart
8. These Are Not the Words
9. Something Happened to the Milk
10. The Revenge of Two-Gun Pete

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