Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Sufis - Inventions

Calvin Laporte and Evan Smith
While Nashville’s The Sufis are oft called revivalists and you can hear heavy influences of The Beatles throughout their records, this is more than a revival, it is a re-invention of psych pop. 
Calvin Laporte says that he ‘wanted to write concise pop songs, each with a unique and particular quality.’ 
That mission is accomplished as each song wafts of originality with expansive orchestral sounds and experienced musicianship. Trippy Harrisonesque vocals match the music perfectly and the lyrics are a kaleidoscope of pictures. Each song, under three minutes packs hooks and loose jammy riffs into concise songwriting. These guys are the real deal.

Inventions Track List:
1) All of the Time
2) Most Peculiar Happening Cat
3) She Said to Me
4) I'll Come to See You
5) Turn Around
6) The End
7) Alone
8) No Expression
9) Gotta Get Away
10) Wallflower
11) Nothing More to Say
12) Washed Away
13) Different Views (Bonus Track)
14) My Love (Bonus Track)

Inventions was released on August 6 by Ample Play Records and Burger Records.
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