Sunday, October 27, 2013

Country Fried Rock BOX OF CD's Give-Away!

The good folks at Country Fried Rock are having a big contest coming soon! To get ready for it they are testing the software and are giving away a box of CD's from their prize closet! You could win a box of CD's, yes a box!

It's easy to enter just click here, enter your name and email and sit back and wait for your package to arrive. Good Luck!

“Country Fried Rock brings together culturally significant music and artist interviews that provide insight into the creation and meaning of their art. Spencer’s musical knowledge and natural ability to craft conversational interviews makes the show an important component for any radio station in search of professional programming that’s unique, entertaining and insightful.”
—JASON SAMUEL Program Director 91.1 The Globe, WGCS, #1 College Radio Station in the US

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