Monday, October 21, 2013

Todd Farrell Jr. & the Dirty Birds - "All Our Heroes Live in Vans"

Todd Farrell Jr. - guitar/lead vocals
Eli Rhodes - guitar/vocals
Goose - bass
Jack Whitis - drums

Like Paul Bunyan through virgin wood, Todd Farrell Jr. rips, riffs, shreds and chips with his axe swinging like a weapon, Todd Farrell and the Dirty Birds lay waste to the Americana scenery with a punkish attitude and rowdy rock n roll bombardment with a hint of southern country brawling, they ain’t taking any prisoners people!
The self released  "All Our Heroes Live in Vans" will be a available October 31st 

Track List:
1 Year in Review
2 Plastic Knives
3 Bobby & Chipper
5 Liner Notes
6 Better Men
7 If It's Alright By You
8 Take it Slow
9 My Currency is Doubt

Michelle Evans Interviews Todd Farrell of Todd Farrell Jr. & the Dirty Birds on Ninebullets

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