Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sans Abri - Debut 'Shelter'

Sans Abri, a side-project from Josh Erwin and Michael Paynter of Packway Handle Band from Athens, GA. The literal translation of “Sans Abri” is “without shelter.” The French use it as a term for “homeless.” In late 2011, Josh Erwin and Michael Paynter found themselves with a handful of new songs that didn’t have a home in The Packway Handle Band, the acclaimed bluegrass-based group from Athens, GA, that they co-founded.

So Sans Abri was launched as an outlet for this collaborative creativity, on their first release, Shelter the duo use a Cajon to loop live drum beats and alternately adding acoustic and electric guitar and mandolin, to tackle predicaments inherent in modern life, as on ‘The Scientist’ asks the difficult question, “Are we someone’s experiment?” now I for one often ponder this question, and with a day dreamy chorus the song combines satire with genuine curiosity to contemplate this puzzling question. The bouncy ‘Self Preservation’ with catchy mandolin riffs, jammy chords and has a really cool sing a long chorus. ‘Weights’ and ‘Winds Me Up’ have a mellowishous laid back contemplative vibe with great harmonies. ‘Every Turn !!!!!’ starts like a locomotive slowly working up steam, then turns into a rip roaring fast paced picking jive with a catchy chorus ‘Every turn was the wrong one’ On ‘One Pill A Day’ a tale of pharmaceutical-induced peace of mind, the mandolin and guitar work take center stage and shine.  A slapping back beat will have your head bobbing in rhythm on ‘Paid’
Throughout the mandolin and guitar work are exceptionally interlaced and the vocals moving and unique.

Shelter will be released October 29th on Twin Cousins Records.

1. Self Preservation.mp3
2. The Scientist
3. Weights
4. Every Turn
5. One Pill A Day
6. Paid
7. Winds Me Up

Releases 29 October 2013
All songs recorded and mixed at Odd Street Studios in Athens, GA
Mastered by Tom Lewis
Photography by Brian Thorpe
Album Design by Michael Paynter

Upcoming Shows:

Oct. 29,
Athens, GA Green Room (with
and Tyler Childers)

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