Monday, October 21, 2013

The Loomis Fargo Gang - The Prettiest Shade of Blue

With a mosey in the saddle, cowboy on the prairie, western swing and desert blues sound, The Prettiest Shade of Blue by Norfolk, VA The Loomis Fargo Gang ambles along like a pair of comfy old boots well traversed and broken in. Like a trusty palomino this album sticks with you and leads you to the warm hearth fires of home.

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Track List:
1. Seventeen White Azaleas
2. Trampoline
3. Hazy, Lazy, Blue
4. Birds
5. She Will Be Mine
6. Tootsie In The Breeze.mp3
7. Sugar Cane
8. Plantin' Blueberries

The Loomis Fargo Gang - Hazy, Lazy, Blue

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