Friday, October 18, 2013

Carolann Solebello - Steel and Salt

Most familiar to folk audiences as a founding member of the celebrated female trio Red Molly, Carolann Solebello returned to solo performance in August 2010 after six years of steady touring with the band. Her fourth solo CD, Steel and Salt released in August 2013. Carolann is the winner of the 2011 Susquehanna Music & Arts Festival Songwriting Competition, and was an Official Showcase Artist at Folk Alliance International and the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance in 2012.
Steel and Salt features Carolann’s exceptional vocals, with songs ranging from twangy ode’s ‘Brooklyn in the Rain’ and ‘River’ that put our favorite enclave in the light of small town America, to the beautifully dark and haunting ‘Backward’ and ‘Put Down the Gun’ and emotionally reflective ‘Falling Is Easy’ ‘Movie Queen’ and ‘Neptune’

A mountain grows in Brooklyn and home is where your rocking chair is.

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Track List:
1. Brooklyn In The Rain
2. Backward  
3. Falling is Easy  
4. Concentrate  
5. Chinatown  
6. Loaded  
7. Put Down the Gun  
8. Golden Boy  
9. River  
10. Movie Queen  
11. Neptune  

Produced by Fred Gillen, Jr., Steel and Salt marks a change of direction for Carolann in several ways. Though her smooth, compelling voice and warm acoustic guitar remain the hub on which everything else turns, the sonic landscape of Steel and Salt hums with electricity, and the lyrical content lies curled in the shadow of the towers, bridges, and highways of Carolann's birthplace and home, New York City. The characters and stories on Steel and Salt spring from the asphalt and bedrock, from the harbor and the rivers, and are as gritty and beautiful as the world they inhabit. And, like the people of that great city, they candidly speak their minds on a range of topics, using carefully cultivated urban armor to protect tender, compassionate hearts.
A New York City native, Carolann first fell in love with mountain music – and the bluegrass and country that grew out of that tradition – while working as an actor in East Tennessee and Kansas. Tunes and techniques she learned from musicians in both places fundamentally changed her approach to songwriting and guitar playing, and subsequently colored her work with Red Molly.

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