Thursday, October 24, 2013

Strange Daze - Shine Through

Eric Moudry ~ Guitar/vocals/primary songwriter -
Scott Knudson ~ Vocals/songwriter -
Chad Armstrong ~ Bass/vocals -
Mike Berg ~ Drums

Minneapolis’ Strange Daze knocks rock upside the head and rolls it over like the side of a cliff crashing into the sea. Electrifying, powerful and built for endurance, robust blues-rock riffs, anthemic soaring vocals and boisterous melodies their latest release, ‘Shine Through’ packs more punches than Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston.

Strange Daze is Eric Moudry (guitars/vocals/primary songwriter), Scott Knudson (vocals/co-lyricist), Chad Armstrong (bass/vocals), and Mike Berg (drums).  The band’s fateful career moment came when engineer/producer Brian Johnson—who helmed the sessions for the band’s first two albums, passed along a CD to 38 Special keyboardist Bobby Capps. Impressed, Capps shared it with 3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson, his partner in Nashville, TN-based Rivergate Studios. Capps immediately signed on to produce Strange Daze with Henderson’s and Johnson’s help.
Strange Daze is set to release its third album, Shine Through, on November 11, 2013, via Rock Ridge Music

Track List:
1 Satellite Soul
2 Need You Here
3 Beautiful
4 Your Love
5 Anymore
6 Another Day
8 Stories
Welcome Izabelle
9 I
10 Lost
11 New Release
12 Home
*Welcome Izabelle (Piano) [Bonus Track]

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